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1.A computer system consists of 2 parts: hardware and software.

2.Hardware is any electronic or mechanical part you can see or touch.

3.Software is a set of instructions, called a program, which tells the computer what to do.

4.There are 3 basic hardware sections: the central processing unit (CPU), main memory and peripherals.

5.The central processing unit`s function is to execute program instructions and coordinate the activities of all the other units. It is the 'brain' of the computer.

6.The main memory (a collection of RAM chips) holds the instructions and data which are being processed by the CPU.

7.Peripherals are the physical units attached to the computer. They include storage devices and input/ output devices.

8.Storage devices (hard drives, DVD drives or flash drives) provide a permanent storage of both data and programs.

9.Disk drives are used to read and write data on disks.

10.Input devices enable data to go into the computer's memory.

11.The input devices are the mouse and the keyboard.

12.Output devices enable us to extract the finished product from the system.( For example, the computer shows the output on the monitor or prints the results onto paper by means of a printer.)

13.There are several ports into which we can plug a wide range of peripherals - a modem, a digital camera, a scanner and others.

14.They allow communication between the computer and the devices.
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